Developments in Localisation


Reinhard Schäler, Director Localisation Research Centre, University of Limerick

Localisation as an industry started in the mid 1980s when US-based multinational companies began to explore new markets for their digital products. Today, the localisation industry is one of the few areas providing translators with a respectable and regular income. Localisation generates little excitement, but is good for business – people do it for money. But this is about to change. "Crowdsourcing" is being promoted by multinationals whose aim seems to be to get translations for free. Is this socialism for the rich? – We will discuss why today’s mainstream localisation is moving in the wrong direction, preventing rather than facilitating access to digital information, and we will propose a strategy for global information sharing facilitated by localisation. If localisation will be for free – why not make it at least a little bit more exciting?

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Last updated: 19/5/2011